Adventures With(out) Goats, Part 2.

January 25, 2014 § 1 Comment

The following morning I woke up to a scene that was like paradise: mountains off to the north that were steady and strong and reassuring, a lush green valley that is a balm to the eyes; and a breeze that seemed to come from nowhere, gently caressing us on its way past.

We had all slept well, and I was ready to try milking the goat again. I was feeling more comfortable and confident with the goats now, after hearing their scuffles during the night. I fed them, frisked them for ticks, and then turned to the female.

This time I managed to get one drop out.

One. Drop.

It took me a while, and by the time that one drop fell the goat was very frustrated with my attempts and was kicking me away.

I did not know what to do. The overwhelm of the previous day returned in force and more tears fell. In desperation, I prayed. I didn’t want to let my friend down, but also I wanted to know that I could do this, that I could manage a new and challenging situation on my own.

However, I needed support. We all piled into the car, again, and drove the 6kms to that little phone box, again. Sol was fantastic as I had an extistential meltdown by phone. I gave myself permission not to continue with this situation. I prayed again for clarity.

By the time I drove home I was spent, humbled by the situation, but calm. I had finally surrendered.  As I parked the car I noticed a man coming to greet me. His face broke into a broad grin and he introduced himself as the neighbour, who had stayed in town the night before and was sorry to have not seen me until now.

I was happy to meet him and confessed I was struggling to care for the goats. He immediately said “That’s ok, I’m a goat farmer!”(later he told me that in a past life in WA  he had 300 goats, and a long bushy beard. He was called the ‘Goat Man’)! Intense waves of relief and gratitude flooded through me as he offered to milk the goat for me, and indeed to help care for all the goats.

He said: “Everything happens for a reason, and everyone who ends up here is here for a reason. You just relax and enjoy the place”. As I walked back to the children I thanked God, the angels, and indeed the whole Universe for this swift solution. Mine and Samuel’s musings from the night before had suddenly manifested, and I felt myself shedding layers of fear, opening up to the gifts

And then the children and I went to the river for our first swim.

Sol made it up the following day for the rest of the week. There was frolicking with goats after all, as they loved Robin especially, and the girls loved bottle feeding the little one.

Every day we went swimming in the magnificent river. A river that quickly made a place in my heart: a place for healing and rejuvenation. I had many realisations whilst sitting in the cool, clear water. Adjustments to be made to life, deep aha moments, knowings of old beliefs or thoughts ready to be set free.

It was a life changing week: I ended up being so, so thankful for the entire experience. I regained some confidence in myself, in my capability to adapt, be brave, to have adventures, rather than just dreaming about them.










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  • Charlotte says:

    Gorgeous, have loved reading about this – and my mum always says that too – that nothing happens with no reason…sometimes it just takes us a while to realised the reason!

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