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I don’t really celebrate New Years Eve, but I do mark the turning of a new year in other ways.

For many years I have consciously set down goals for the future. The past few years these have consisted of nothing more than a few scribbles on a spare piece of paper. Needless to say these goals were not really realised, no matter how sincerely I intended them at the time.

Last year my husband and I took a little more time, and made two copies of our goals. One we burnt, as a symbolic letting go of the goals, and one we sealed in an envelope (grounding them) to open in one year. I opened mine a few days ago and was happily surprised to feel I had made progress in many of the areas specified.

I don’t tend to write down specific material things when doing goals. My focus is the feelings and qualities I wish to generate withing myself, or areas of self growth is needed. I figure that if I focus on myself the material will take care of itself.

This year I am doing goals differently. Firstly, they are more visual. I’ve spent hours cutting words and images out of magazines, all the while holding my visions in mind. Today I finally sat down and committed some visions to paper.

2014-01-05 21.40.57

2014-01-05 21.42.42


I just selected images at random, images I am drawn to, without thinking too much into it. I noticed today when doing the pages centred around  my self that there is a lovely balance of both fierce and soft images. And lots of water images: flowing, still water, a woman emerging from water, a boat sailing down a river. Water is a highly significant element in my life.

2014-01-05 21.41.08

2014-01-05 21.45.33


Lily asked what I was doing and I explained, calling it my ‘dream book’. She saw the kind of images I was collecting and drew these two for me. What is also different this time around is the detail. I have decided to focus on specific things, especially a new home to live in, as I really really want this change to occur!

2014-01-05 21.43.22


2014-01-05 21.44.19


2014-01-05 21.44.07


I happened to find some great illustrations that embodied each of my children, so I added them to the ‘Family’ page. Robin is this little snail emerging from his shell. I was nervous about encouraging the idea of William as a stubborn bull (above), but the image so suits him at the moment that I had to include it. Now I just to add a picture of Sol and myself as the nucleus of the family.

2014-01-05 21.44.43


Some pages have been challenging to create. The ‘Love’ page for instance: I didn’t have much to contribute on this page….which has me thinking deeply about this theme in my life right now.

The amount of time and thought I have put into my 2014 goals has been significant, and even though we are only a few days into the new year it feels a deeply powerful exercise already.


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