Open Day Showcase

December 9, 2013 § 1 Comment



Please allow me just a little proud-mama moment. Our school’s annual Open Day was this past weekend. All the work that has been diligently and joyously completed throughout the year is displayed in ways that delight everyone.

Entering Lily’s (who is six) classroom was like entering a magical crystal cave. The children were amazed at the transformation that had taken place in their classroom.




Originally made as lanterns for the Winter fairy houses.

Originally made as lanterns for the Winter Festival…now fairy houses.


A real waterfall...inside the classroom!

A real waterfall…inside the classroom!



sea creatures featuring weaving.

sea creatures featuring weaving.

Lily's jellyfish

Lily’s jellyfish

rock grinding

rock grinding


little beeswax creatures

little beeswax creatures


...and clay

…and clay


Much of the work the children do in the sixth year (in the Rudolf Steiner model of education) is focused on the fingers…learning to finger knit, weave, lots of delicate beeswax modelling, and of course drawing and painting. The day begins with a long spoken verse that has movements. It all looks like fun and play, and it is, but if observed closely, you can see that the verse and movements help to fire up both hemispheres of the brain, ready for the day. All the finicky finger work is setting up neural pathways, ready for reading and writing. Everything that is done in this year has significance, lays foundations to make future learning easy.

And on to Samuel’s (who is ten) room:




The Egyptian Project

The Egyptian Project

We saw Samuel’s class play last week. An amazing, 45 minute story from ancient Egypt. I didn’t even recognise Samuel for about ten minutes: he was so different on stage, older, taller, holding himself.

He doesn’t think much of himself as an artist but I love his drawings. His Egyptian Project had a special place in the room, and it has a special place in my heart too. I call it ‘our project’: after a year of some conflict and difficulties between Samuel and myself, we finally came together to finish this project. I almost caved in and let him not do it, such was the resistance, but in the end we did it together. It was a major achievement.

And it was a wonderful Open Day.







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