Rainy Saturday

November 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

It has been so long since there was rain. The kind of rain that continues all day, quieting the birds and making it just a bit too cold and uncomfortable to go outside.

Today was such a day and I relished the chance to remain at home. While the boys lay in bed and slept, I let myself sink into some serious sewing.

IMG_1727 - Copy


IMG_1730 - Copy

IMG_1729 - Copy

IMG_1728 - Copy



Handmade presents for Christmas, and for my newborn nephew.

I love the way that children reflect our energy and focus. The girls played a very complicated game involving nearly all of their dolls and toys and most of the lounge room floor. Lily became inspired by me and began sewing some clothes for her little rabbit.

IMG_1733 - Copy


IMG_1734 - Copy

IMG_1738Zara got busy with the remnants and the glue, and Lily cannot go through a day without drawing. Robin slept, and slept, and slept some more.

IMG_1735 - Copy


By the time Sol came home from his gig, and William returned from his photography course, the rain had stopped and blue sky was visible! We all rushed out for a walk and some fresh air, a sure remedy for the cabin fever some of us were feeling. The boys rode ahead on their skateboards while the girls went together on their scooters, with Robin in the pram at the rear.

We planned to head to the park to kick the football, but once there the rain began again, hard. The boys raced off with a shouted ‘see you at home’ while Sol and I encouraged the girls along.

But… I didn’t find the rain uncomfortable or a nuisance. I revelled in it, feeling alive, feeling the fresh water wash me clean on the inside as well as out. Sure enough, half way home I ran into the boys who were happily skating in the rain, bad moods forgotten in the adventure.





The rain-play continued long after we reached home. And then….the bliss of warm showers! And to end the day….warming lentil soup and raw cacao bliss balls.






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