November 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m getting used to having my teenager around.

One of the positives of homeschooling has been the closeness that has evolved between William and his parents. He is (mostly) pleasant company, and loves to crack a joke at our expense.

I was surprised when he asked to accompany me and the younger two children on a drive to the city to pick up a huge dry-goods order. Once that job was finished, I felt badly about just driving home again, so we made a detour to Darling Harbour.

I’d heard of a new playground installed there, and so let the children roam there for an hour before heading home again.


Robin was both fascinated and scared by the jets of water. It is delight watching him devour new experiences that tickle all his senses. You can almost see his brain sparkling with the electricity of new connections and awareness.


Some Japanese tourists asked me to take their photo with him in his pink singlet, exhorting about the fact he was a boy in a pink singlet! William looked on with a wry grin.





Zara attracted lots of admiring glances too. She just got in and played, immersed in her own imaginary world instantly. But I think it was the hand made undies.



Or maybe it was the presence of a teenager on a school day. I love the bond these two have going on. Hard to imagine that William will be 20 one day and Robin just 7.




And of course a gelato was called for before we left, as well as promises to return, for longer next time. It is good to get out and about more.



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