Family Adventure Time.

October 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

It was such a beautiful day in Sydney yesterday. By the time it got to 4pm, the girls had returned from their overnight sojourn at Nana’s, the boys had returned from lunch out with Grandma, and Sol had returned from his gig. We were all restless, wanting to do something to make the most of the uplifting weather.

So we packed everyone in the 4wd and took off for an adventure.



IMG_1561Robin promptly fell asleep in the car, and Sol drove. I relished the chance to listen to some music on an ipod, while the girls sang and the boys played with their various devices. IMG_1569



There is always some resistance from our boys when we venture somewhere new. But after a little while of ignoring their complaints, they too got caught up in the beauty of Sydney Harbour.



I’ve never been to Middle Head before, and apart from the fantastic views there were stone tunnels and rooms to explore….leftover fortifications begun in 1867, with gun mounts and everything. It was actually a crystal clear day but it took me a while to realise the lens on my camera was really dirty….hence the hazy pics.





I am what you might call ‘intuitive’ or sensitive to the energy of places. Once I sat in a real bomber plane from WWII, and was sick for days afterward. As I walked through the tunnels at Middle Head that same feeling came over me. I also felt some fear. Sol scoffed a little until we read the information about Middle Head, about how they used some of the rooms as ‘torture classes’, meant to toughen up soldiers for the Korean War. Hmmmm….maybe I was picking up on something after all.





Once we had explored everywhere, the boys began testing their strength and skills against the challenges of stone walls and huge gaps to leap. Many times I had to turn away, but William is an expert and knowing his limits, and his brother’s too!







Yes, we have budding Parkourists on our hands. Robin loved all the climbing and exploring, being able to roam free.







In the end the boys didn’t want to leave! On the way home we stopped at Cremorne for pizza. We turned into an attraction for the locals….obviously there are not many larger families in these richer suburbs of Sydney! I’m now used to the stares, and the comments.





We had a bit of conflict on the way home, as it neared 10pm and 5 tired children tried to get comfy in the 6 seats in the back of our car. I’ve long ago stopped expecting every family outing to go completely smoothly….but this one was pretty good. It’s a good feeling knowing that we can still take out our 14 y.o, 10y.o, 6y.o, 4y.o, and 18 month old for some fun together.



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