September 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Firstly, they are never long enough.

We sneaked these few days of relaxation in before the school term officially ended, giving us a leisurely three whole weeks off from the school routine. The girls were terribly excited to be going somewhere new to sleep, and their fervour was infectious.

Packing and organising for a family of seven is a daunting task, so I made the boys responsible for their own clothes and things, leaving me with three kids, myself, and all the general food and bits and bobs. It helped knowing we were only journeying an hour out of Sydney, to a town with large grocery stores. The idea of camping, although seductive and simple sounding and something I would like to do again, is just too overwhelming to undertake right now.

Our holiday house was perfect for large families, complete with a deck that was fenced, so little Robin could walk around outside and see the ducks and geese in safety (he refuses to remain indoors these days).

Waters-Edge photograph

Which brings me to the boats….two kayaks and a blow up dinghy…..the main attraction of this particular holiday house. Lily jumped in one kayak and off she went like a pro, despite never having been  in a small boat before! Samuel too loved the lure of the water, and William just loves anything physical where he can prove how strong he is!

On the first morning we all went rowing, me, Zara and Robin in the dinghy with Sol rowing. Robin trailed his fingers in the still water and we watched ducks, birds and water dragons bask in the sun as we glided along. Sol and I were just remarking how we would be happy to float for hours when clouds quickly covered the sun. In all of two minutes we were being drenched by fat, hard, cold raindrops. At first it was slightly exciting, but after the rain increased the littlies and I became panicky and asked to be rowed home….but now there was a wind to round out the storm. Try as he might, Sol could not make headway against the breeze that was determined to push us out to the sea. We sheltered under some willow trees on the banks before braving the rain to make it back home. Poor Robin was glued to my chest and remained that way even after a warm shower…it was an adventure, for sure.

The rest of the time was spent basking in the sun at the beach. With children ranging in age from 14 down to one, it can be hard to find family activities to suit everyone. Thankfully the beach fits the bill, providing there are waves for the big ones to test themselves against, while the littlies play along the shoreline.


It is bliss having children so tired out from physical exercise that they fall asleep themselves after dinner. Meals are simple, washing up takes only a few minutes, games are played. The kids bask in having their parents with them whose only task is to play with them.

Life, which has felt rather heavy and demanding lately, was flowing, giving Sol and I a much needed break from the heavy. Of course once we return home it doesn’t take too long for the old stresses to press back in. But hopefully, the break has fortified us a little. It was an opportunity to step back and view our lives from a little distance….and I have returned with a few resolves.

The first being, to continue the holiday vibe by making the most of this warm, spring weather.


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