Late Night

September 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

2013-05-30 21.53.49


After dinner….

We fill the bath. To or sometimes three children get in, and sometimes an adult too! By the time we dry off, most of the water is over the floor. Robin loves to splash.

It’s crazy time as we try to get our girls ready in their jammies. They love to run and jump on our bed. Robin does not like getting dressed: the result is a speedy attempt to get something on him before he squirms away. Same with the girls.

We read a book, one for each girl. That means two books. One parent lies with the girls and tickles/massages them to sleep, while the other one cleans up the kitchen. Often Sol is at work of an evening, so I work at turbo speed to get the kitchen done while the girls play in the bath. The boys babysit Robin while I lie with the girls.

Samuel’s bedtime is next. We always have a book that we read together of a night, aloud. He loves lots of snuggling.

Once I usher William to bed, and finally get Robin to sleep (he seems to have the latest bedtime of all!), it is finally my time.

I should be going to bed as early as I can. Life is busy.

But I can’t resist a late night moment for myself. I often make a hot chocolate, sometimes a plain old cocoa and milk (dairy free of some kind), sometimes gourmet hot chocolate with peanut butter, coconut cream and cocoa nibs.

I have my favourite perch on the couch. Sometimes I read, sometimes I write, sometimes just see what late night TV is happening for a little while. It is my time to slow down and reflect on the day now past.

A little window in time, when responsibilities don’t exist. The house is still. And so am I.


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