The Movement of Spring.

September 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve been a little quiet on this blog lately: much has been happening – both in daily life but also within.

I began a personal growth course, which just happened to coincide with some turbulence in some close relationships. I became stuck. Lots of fear erupted inside me, and in thought and emotion, I froze. And I find it difficult to write from that space.

But as Winter’s grip fades, and the strength and movement of Spring charge into the days, so too is there movement inside me. As the sun shines, the breeze breathes life into everything again. Into me.


Today I decided to hasten some inner movement by beginning some de-cluttering. I went through all the children’s old clothes – a bag to my sister in law who is expecting, and another bag to my sister who has twin girls a little younger than my Zara. The sense of a small load off was immediate.

Then I tackled our entryway – which has long been a pile of shoes (for six people!), bags and clothes. Our nice ‘keyspot’ table was covered in junk mail and receipts, pens, coins, jewelry and other stuff. In keeping with my goal for this year of more order in the home, I have felt for a while that the first scene in our home lets us down in this regard. So now:



A lovely lavender shoe shelf. Ten minutes after Husband arrived home from work I walked by to find his shoes strewn on the floor in front of the newly installed shoe shelf! Needless to say he received a few words…..



My precious Buddha statue sits there as well. It has been with me from my early twenties, when the choice of a spiritually conscious path was awakened within me. These two acts of organisation have prompted a little relaxation within. There is still much to be looked at, resolved, forgiven. I am sure the healing winds of Spring will assist.




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