Another life

June 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

grad 001Recently I visited the University of New South Wales. As I drove up the long, elm lined street that runs next to the campus I began to feel excited.

I had time before my appointment so I walked around a bit, reliving a time that now feels like another life altogether. The last time I was at the Uni was the day I graduated from a Bachelor of Arts Degree. I’d just met Sol and he was there too, with my sister and mother, to see me receive my award. It was a huge acheivement – four years of study, six months of it in Canada.

Like many kids, I went to University straight from high school. And like many, those four years were a hotbed time of learning, growing, expanding, changing.

While I was at University I had my navel pierced. I shaved my head for the first time and dyed it pink (sadly, no photos exist of that haircut!). I became a vegan. I wore ling skirts and huge boots. I was a lesbian (my major was Women’s Studies).

Reflecting the physical changes were deeper, inner transformations. I was suddenly thrust into a world where I was totally responsible for myself and for the work I submitted. I was exposed to people who had different opinions to my own, who came from all parts of Sydney. At University I first learnt about Aboriginal people and history.

And women.

My majors were English Literature and Women’s Studies. More specifically I focused on linguistics, Women’s fiction from the 19th century and Canadian Women’s frontier writing from the 19th century. I was lucky to be studying at the height of Women’s Studies in Australia. I studied romance writing, pornography and sex and every kind of feminism related subject available. I loved it.

I wasn’t a very outspoken student and often feel I didn’t make the most of my time at University until my final year. I debated for a long while about going on to complete and Honours/Masters degree. The truth is I was scared, and not confident in my abilities. And then I met Sol and was taken in a new life direction.

In 2011 I was accepted into a Graduate Diploma of Women’s Studies at Macquarie University. Before I could begin I became unexpectedly pregnant with Robin. Since my days as an undergrad I had dreams of becoming an academic and spending my days writing books and discussing literature with students.

I still have that dream…. maybe one day.


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