Mother’s Day #1

May 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

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A few weeks ago I took my mum to see Thank God it’s on Stage – the stage version of TGIF from ABC radio’s Drive program with Richard Glover.

Mum and I have been long-time fans of this show and have talked about going for years. Last year I bought her tickets as a surprise, but a few days before the show Robin was admitted to hospital and we did not go. It was a great night and I took this photo of us on the way in to the theatre.

My mum and I have been spending lots of time together recently. Partly because we want Robin to get to know her better so she can babysit him! But also because we just like spending time together. Since Robing has been ill I sometimes go and spend the night at her house, baby in tow. We have a nice meal and watch a DVD together. I have a long shower in her amazing shower and she does all the cleaning up and makes a bed for me. Since I haven’t been able to have a long time away from Robin, it is the next best thing to a proper break from ‘mothering’.

When we were in hospital with Robin, my mum simply moved in to my house for a while and took over everything. Sol’s mum was an integral part of this support system too, helping out as much as she could. Between them the two grandma’s had it covered. Although I missed my other children (and a normal life) desperately, it was such a relief knowing that the other kids were with people they knew and loved, leaving Sol and I to support each other and Robin.

My mum has been there for two of my births now… supporting the kids and me. I’ve given birth on her lounge room floor. I’ve lived with her during the pregnancies/births of two of my children. When I have been lazing in bed with my newborns, she makes me get up and have a shower while she changes the sheets. She is a big believer in the comfort of clean bed sheets.

She is an amazing woman. Defying doctors to conceive me. Managing a family with a paraplegic husband and intellectually disabled son. Giving me a rich childhood despite the grief of a lost husband and three kids, all with various and challenging ways of coping with the loss of their Dad. One day I hope to write her story in more detail. But for now, I hope she enjoys this day with her children and grandchildren around her.


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