The Importance of Vision

May 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Recently, my hubby and I went for some marriage counselling. It was a one-off session, with a counsellor who had not met us before.

When hearing about our lives and challenges of the past 18 months; new baby, seriously ill baby, five children, the financial pressure all this entails, she kind of suggested that we are burnt out. Exhausted.

Which we probably are. Definitely exhausted, at least.

But when we discussed the activities that Sol or I do on top of all of this – me; editing the Sydney home birth magazine, trying to run a crafty business and working one day a week running a Playgroup – and Sol; a bit of massage or theta healing work on the side or music gigs and song development and practice…. well, she implied that we should suspend these activities to give ourselves a break.

On the surface this seems to be very sage advice. I totally agree that sometimes in life we just need to ‘tread water’ for a while. There are cycles and timing to everything.

However one thing Sol and I agree on is that to suspend these creative activities is not the right move for us, for a few reasons. Practically: we are pushing 40. We had kids before careers. If we don’t sow the seeds for our desired careers now, maybe they won’t happen. Five kids, including a baby. It’s not really going to get much easier for quite a while, is it? May as well go for it as much as we can now.

Financially: we need to evolve in this way as the family grows. The only way we know how to do this is to go after what we love to do, and develop that. We are both creative people. It was never going to be a mainstream career for Sol, that is part of what I love about him. It’s first things first: creating happiness (and wealth will follow).

On a deeper level, it is about vision. And purpose. Sol and I need the vision of the big picture. We need to be in touch with our individual, God-given purpose. Otherwise, what is the point? If we were to stop the activities we love, stop growing and challenging ourselves, we would lose hope. As stressful as all the time juggling, sleep deprivation, and chaos at home can be, it is worth it when Sol walks through the door on a high from his successful gig. Or when I hold the first magazine in my hands that I have brought together, finally thinking of myself as a ‘writer’.

The ‘vision’ gives us the framework for our lives. It is the way we strive to live now.



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