The Gift of Robin

April 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

I can’t write a post about the challenges Robin has brought with him to our lives without addressing the positive.

And the positives are like a golden goblet, overflowing with everlasting life-giving water that brings richness to the soul.

His arrival has brought our family to a new level of unity and harmony. I remember after Robin was born, feeling so much bliss, feeling I was funnelling love down to my family.

Even his illness and the challenges we have faced contain gifts. His illness taught me how strong I am; how strong I can be. There is so much that Robin and I have been through as Mother and Child, such a depth of trust and love and intimacy between us that it brings tears to my eyes.

He has helped me to let go of fear; to go for the things I want. Because of his illness and the limitations it has brought to my life personally, I am now blogging, editing a magazine and doing professional editing work alongside my crafty pursuits. All of a sudden my life contains lots of things I am passionate about and that makes me happy.

The dust from Robin’s first year of life is still settling here in the Heartman House. We are still in ‘survival’. But I can’t go a day without giving thanks for this little boy and all he has brought to my life.

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