Jellybean Pools

March 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Yesterday we took the whole family to Jellybean Pools at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

The regular walking track down to the pools was closed, meaning we had to travel through the rough bush to get there. I had Robin in the sling, and we had numerous bags plus 3 year old Zara to guide over huge rocks, up and down a steep  hillside to our destination.

The boys loved it. William reminded me of a mountain goat the way he bounded from rock to rock, pushing the limits of safety and sensibility in that way only an adolescent boy could. Samuel loved the challenge of forging our own way through the scrub, and Lily is obviously going to take after William, thinking she could follow in his footsteps physically.

The pools were almost deserted, the water so calm that there was an exact reflection of the rock formations and plants, making it very picturesque. Of course we all went swimming, even Robin. Sol took William, Samuel and Lily to the opposite side of the bank where they all jumped in the water off the rocks.

Time ceases to exist in a place where no man made anything is visible…. just water, then trees all around. Sol and I felt ourselves deeply exhale. Lately we have been doing much musing over our life. We’ve been determined to bring whatever qualities we are chasing into our lives right now. And these family days fulfill that desire…. for family harmony, teamwork, connection and fun.



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