Time to Let Go

January 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Last week we took some time out for a small family holiday at the beach a few hours north of Sydney. It was a holiday desperately needed, and deeply enjoyed.

We had plenty of time swimming, and just being together. William became reacquainted with the skate ramp (he prefers the skate ramps outside of Sydney for some reason). Watching William skate is one of those experiences where it is a joy to watch; where the person and their activity are one. I marveled at how my kids are evolving: Zara, looking like a little girl now rather than a toddler. She spent hours playing quietly in the sand. And Lily (not pictured), running into the surf with her board without any fear. I spent hours in the water, baby on one hip, teaching her to catch waves. Thankfully Robin found waves hilarious.

Every time we go to Nelson Bay we do a dolphin watching cruise. And every time I go onto the boom net, which hangs off the boat into the water, so it is like you are swimming with the dolphins. I don’t think the dolphin experience is complete without getting wet! Robin came onto the net with me too. I’ve breastfed three of my kids now on this dolphin cruise in the net!

My sister and her family were also holidaying in the area. I think the highlight for the kids was getting to spend lots of time with their cousins. By happy luck, we have boys of similar ages and girls of similar ages too, and they are all close.

I think holidays are essential. Already planning another mini-holiday before school goes back!



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