A Whirlwind Week of Endings

December 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

open day 12 019

open day 12 025


open day 12 023

open day 12 022


open day 12 028


open day 12 033


open day 12 030


open day 12 036


open day 12 034


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This past week:

The busyness and joy of our school’s Open Day, with all the children’s glorious work on display. I’m so thankful for the creative, inspired school that we attend. I say ‘we’ because I get as much nourishment from the school community as do my children from its classrooms.

It’s the final week of school for this year. William: finishing 7 years with his teacher and about to step into the unknown that is teenage-hood and high school. Samuel: right in the heart of childhood at nine years old, so engaged and eager. Lily: embracing her evolution from the early childhood years into full time school next year. I will not miss her (I tell myself).

The boxes full of amazing drawings, models etc…. come home, the final class performances are completed to applause, and goodbyes are said. I managed gifts for the teachers this year, nourishing biscotti, little heart cards and decorations. Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious in giving, but the goodies were joyfully received.

I lead the final Playgroup of the year this Friday, not knowing if I will ever lead one again. It’s been uncomfortable standing at the crossroads, but gradually I am coming back into the moment, this moment, this week. The future will present itself in perfect time.

I attend a sacred Women’s Circle most weeks. Today was the final meeting for this year, and a Thanksgiving of sorts. This year has been a time of intense highs and crushing lows. I feel I am finally walking into the strengthening sunshine, after quite a time in the fearsome darkness. I’m just so thankful that Robin is here. I’m so thankful for my children and the way they just break me open, to love. Whatever the funny, tricky, deep dance that relationships are, I’m thankful for the journey that my husband and I decided to take, together.

After this week finishes, bring on the sunshine! I’m ready for the beach.



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  • Angela Davies says:

    What a beautiful post, Kirrilee. Indeed, we are very lucky to have such a beautiful place for our children. I’m ready for the beach too!

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