December 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

doll 006

I’ve been extremely busy preparing for my local market, this Saturday. At the moment it is the place where I sell the most of my creations, and I think I am slowly building a reputation as ‘the felt lady’!

I am trying to focus my creativity and make it more of a priority in my life.  This is because I am trying to make myself more of a priority in my life. Sewing, dyeing, felting etc… are activities that make me very happy. They engage my hands, leaving my mind free to slip into an almost zen-state. And at the end I have created something that brings me joy, and hopefully also the (usually) child who ends up with my creations.

I have been making dolls for a long time now, about 7 years. This doll above, is the first I have sold to someone else. It represents first of all, some really great sewing. I am so proud of the quality of this doll! But it is also signifying the next phase of my creative journey. I am not really sure what that phase is yet, what it looks like, or what it means for my life. It is both thrilling and terrifying.


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